Cathy Tuckey

Physio Inq Licensee & Senior Physiotherapist

After qualifying as a physio from NZ in 2005, Cathy decided to seek fairer weather and moved to Brisbane to start her career.

In 2015 Cathy relocated to Perth, and after deciding to stay, she has taken ownership of Manning Physio in June 2018. She is excited about becoming part of the local community of Manning and bringing her unique style of physiotherapy to the area.

Cathy has post-graduate qualifications in Western Acupuncture and Dry Needling and is currently working her way through a Masters by Research degree at The University of Notre Dame in Fremantle. She treats all types of injuries and loves working with her patients to help them return from acutely injured/in pain, back to sport, work or their favourite leisure activities. She has had many years’ experience running both mat and studio Pilates classes and believes that exercise should benefit both physical and mental health.

Cathy’s areas of interest include Sacro-Iliac Joint (SIJ)/pelvic girdle pain, hip pain (including bursitis), back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder injuries, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction and plantar fasciitis. Cathy also works with people with auto-immune arthritic conditions to help with pain management and advice on exercising with chronic conditions.

Cathy’s favourite leisure activities include walking her dog (a standard poodle named Brian), gardening and anything creative (renovations, painting, sewing, cooking….). She has also represented New Zealand, Queensland and now WA in the sport of long-distance rifle shooting.

Dayle Falconer


Graduated from WAiT in 1979, Dayle practiced at Hollywood Repatriation Hospital until 1988; initially on general rotation then later senior orthopaedic and senior neurology/gerontology physiotherapist. Dayle then worked as a physiotherapist in charge of Central Great Southern Health service before commencing at Spearwood Physiotherapy in 2000.

Karen Bond


Karen has worked as an Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapist for nearly 40 years. As the previous owner of Spearwood Physiotherapy she is taking a step back from business management and continuing to work as a Physiotherapist. Karen is passionate about her patients and is well respected as a therapist by patients, doctors and surgeons in the Perth region. She has a special interest in knee conditions, both post-operative rehab and acute injury management; and previously lectured at Curtin University as part of the Post-graduate Sports Physiotherapy course.

Karen has a long history of working with numerous sports teams, including the WA women’s hockey side and WA Rugby Union team. She is an avid golfer and enjoys watching sports of any code. Rugby will always be high on her list of favourite sports to watch as she has a son who is a professional rugby player overseas. She is however, equally proud of her other son who is an engineer here in Perth.

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